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Our Services - Successful Job Placement in Germany

CrossBorder Career stands for a bridge between talent and opportunity. We specialize in professional recruitment for highly qualified specialists from Turkey who want to find not only a new job in Germany, but a new professional perspective and quality of life.

Globalization and digitalization have changed the labor markets. Despite the distances and cultural differences, we recognize the growing synergy between German industry and Turkish skilled workers. With a deep understanding of both cultures and labor markets, we are committed to connecting the best talent with the best companies.

Our services include

CrossBorder Career offers professional personnel recruitment for skilled workers from Turkey who are looking for a new career perspective in Germany.

Job Placement from Turkey to Germany

We assist professionals of all backgrounds and industries in finding employment opportunities in various sectors. Our aim is to provide you with a tailored job placement in Germany. 

Guaranteed Job Placement with Money-Back Guarantee

We have confidence in the quality of our services. Therefore, we offer a money-back guarantee if we are unable to find a suitable job placement for you. 

Comprehensive Support and Guidance

We provide support throughout your integration process in Germany. This includes assistance with finding suitable accommodation, organizing language courses, and offering a specialized online course to facilitate your onboarding. Our CrossBorder Club provides two years of guidance on-site.

Professional Job Placement Process - Assisting You on the Path to Your Dream Job

At Crossborder Career, our professional job placement process ensures that you have the best possible start in Germany.

We guide you step by step towards your dream job:

Partnerships with Renowned Companies

We collaborate with reputable companies in sectors such as healthcare, hospitals, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, logistics, and construction. This allows us to provide you with excellent job opportunities. 

Our goal is to facilitate a seamless and successful job placement for you in Germany. We strive to ensure a smooth integration into your new work environment, enabling you to build a successful career. 

Contact us today and embark on your journey to a successful professional future in Germany!